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Having spent years in the recruitment industry, the team at Recruitment Ready knows what it takes to get you noticed.

Taking Charge

Our careers are an essential part of our lives.  We spend the majority of our lives working, so it is important we make the right choices to find roles that are fulfilling and rewarding.  Most of us don’t change roles often and when we do, it’s often a tap on the shoulder or a chance encounter that result in a move.  Others spend too long in unfulfilling jobs struggling to find a way out.

Taking the time to strategically look at what you want to do and where you want to be will lead to significantly more rewarding work and long term career happiness.

At Recruitment Ready we can work with you to not only identify what you want to do but how to go about getting there and equip you with all the tools you need for success

Too often candidates let themselves down by being poorly prepared and presenting poorly constructed, inadequately targeted and badly written applications.  Having worked on hundreds of senior level assignments, we know what a good candidate looks like.

Here at Recruitment Ready we work with you to refine your offering so that it gets the attention you deserve.  Whether you are struggling to secure a role, thinking about making a change, re-entering or entering the workforce for the first time, or looking to secure a promotion, we can help you present the best version of yourself and improve your chances of getting through the recruitment process and making the change you are aiming for.

What we offer

Recruitment Ready offers a range of products and services to suit your needs. You can use one or all of our services and we are happy to tailor packages to your requirements.

Changing Gears

Moving Up or Changing Direction?

Changing Gears is a comprehensive program which assists individuals in exploring their career options, looking to a promotion or even a change of direction. We will assist the individual to develop a clear strategy, identify opportunities or entry points into the new markets and address any hurdles that may be in the way. They are also given the tools to best represent themselves in a competitive employment market.

Getting Job Fit

Everything you need to make an impact in the job market.

Job Fit is designed for individuals who have a clear idea on their future direction and want some practical assistance in entering or re-entering the employment market.


Interview Coaching:

We provide interview coaching prior to your meeting with the recruiter or employer.  We review the ad and position description with your application and any other relevant information you have been provided.  For 1 hour over the phone or video conference we will provide you with relevant tips on reading the panel, answering the questions and some useful practice to improve your confidence heading into your interview.  You will also receive a document of tips to help you prepare.  

Template & Tips Pack:

Included are templates for your CV and cover letter. You will also receive a page of tips for preparing each document and tailoring them to each job application you make.  We will include a document of tips on what to do in an interview when you get to that point. 

CV Review & Rework:

We will provide a template and page of tips to help you draft a resume.  If you already have one send through your CV and we will rework it, in consultation with you, to check that it contains all the relevant information the employer/recruiter is looking for in a format that will suit the reader.  Following your review of the marked-up version we will resolve any issues, conduct a final proof read and provide a final version in both pdf & word.

Application Letter:

We will provide a template and page of tips to help you draft a targeted application letter for the specific role for which you are applying.  We will review the job advertisement and the position description and mark up your draft.  In consultation with you we will check that it addresses your interest in the role and the requirements of the position.  Following your review of the marked-up version, we will resolve any issues, conduct a final proofread and provide a final version in both pdf & word.